Large Timber Reef Lid Surf Coast Candles


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Timber Lid Surf Coast Candle Large

Surf Coast Candles are hand poured in Torquay Victoria, with natural soy with wood wick and scented candles.  Beautifully packaged with a detailed Reef Timber Lid and comes with Calico Gift Bag.


Cucumber Ginger Mint - Ginger orange rind spearmint leaves & a hint of pear.

Citrus Sunrise - Fruit notes of guava, plum & tonka bean with fresh green lime and coconut. 

Patchouli Pink Ginger - Gorgeous scent with patchouli, ginger & lemon with a touch of citrus.

Sweet Lemongrass - An invigorating lemon, lime citrus & lemongrass aroma that stimulates the senses creating a vibrant refreshing fragrance

Relax and enjoy the magic as you discover our Surf Coast Candle range.      

Use of candles require caution, care & awareness of the associated risks.  Refer to user instructions. 

Burn Time - 60 Hours